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Ultrasound Service

It is with sadness that we are to inform our local community that South West London Integrated Care Board have decommission of our Community Ultrasound Service.

The service will end on 31st December 2023, with the cut off for referrals being Friday 10th November 2023.

Our administrators will be contactable after our services has ended on 0208 892 8124 (Opt 5) to answer any queries.

Our community based ultrasound service has served the local population of Richmond for over 13 years and audits of patient experience have always indicated very high satisfaction levels. We delivered diagnostic scans at short wait times, generally 3 weeks for routine scans and sooner for scans which are of a higher priority. We continued to scan patients throughout COVID and continue to develop our service based on the needs of the local population. This included expanding our services to offer appointments on Saturdays to give better choice for patients and ensure our wait times remain short.

We continue to fail to understand any logical reason why our long standing, high-quality service, with excellent permanent sonographers, quicker appointment times, fast result turnaround and excellent patient satisfaction levels (all provided at the same cost as other services) has been given notice to end without any consultation with patients, local health committees or ourselves, as the provider. To date, we are yet to receive a response which we feel is acceptable and will continue to press those responsible for answers.

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