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Immunisations and Vaccinations

Below is the Childhood immunisation schedule for the United Kingdom. It is of the utmost importance that children are kept up to date with the recommended vaccinations to protect them and other against disease. If your child has not received all of the recommended immunisations see below, please call the surgery to book an appointment with our Practice Nurse.

Remember: Before any immunisation can be given to your child we have to obtain your informed consent. This means that we will explain what the immunisation is for, explain all the side effects and what action we suggest you take should your child have any of the side effects, and then ask your permission to give the immunisation.

The only people that can give consent for your child to have an immunisation are the Mother and the Father (but only if his name appears on the birth certificate). Obviously it would not be practical for us to ask to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate if Dad brings her/ him for an immunisation so we have devised the Performa consent form you can access via the link below. Please keep a copy with your red book and if anyone but Mum brings your baby for immunisation please complete this form. It can also be used if Grandparents or Nannies bring your child.

For More information on the childhood immunisations click here.

Seasonal Flu 2020-21

The practice flu season runs from September until the end of March. You are eligible for a season Flu Vaccine if you fall into the following criteria:

– All patients aged 65 and over

– Clinically at Risk (Including patients with CHD, Asthma, COPD, Immunisupressed)

– Pregnant Women

– Carers

Due to COVID, additional patients have been added to the cohort however vaccinations will not be offered to those (inc those 50-64) until those in the priority groups have been vaccinated and vaccines are available.

Click here for more information and details on who is eligible for a Free Flu Vaccine.

The practice is planning flu vaccination clinics at present and will update patients when clinics are available to book.

Remember, it is important to get vaccinated early to ensure you are protected.

Vaccines are limited therefore we encourage you to get vaccinated early in the Flu Season. If you are not vaccinated early and the practice vaccine supply runs out then there will not be another opportunity to be vaccinated for the flu season.

Childhood Flu Vaccines for 2 & 3 Year olds

There is a new cohort of patient who are eligible for the flu vaccine this coming season. These are All Children Aged 2 & 3 Year.

See this leaflet for information.

Vaccination will be available from September 2014.

Shingles Vaccine 

The practice will be offering all patients who are aged 70 OR 79 a shingles vaccine. This new vaccine can be given with your seasonal flu vaccine.

See this leaflet for more information on who is eligible.

Patient who are eligible for the Shingles Vaccination will be invited to book an appointment to have this, alongside their seasonal flu vaccine

Pneumonia Vaccine 

Patient who are aged 65 year + who are have not had a Pneumonia Vaccination. Patients who are eligible will be offered one when they receive their flu vaccination.

Note: Pneumonia and Shingles vaccines cannot be given together however a combination of 1 of them and the flu can be.

If you require a Pneumonia, Shingles and Flu vaccine you will have to have then at 2 separate appointments.

MMR Vaccines for patients aged up to 25 years 

We are encouraging all patient who have not had a Initially MMR vaccines and an MMR Booster to book an appointment to be vaccinated.

It is important that you have had 2 MMR Vaccinations to ensure you are protected for life.
If you’re unsure if you are up to date then you can call the practice to check.

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