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Home Monitoring

We are keen to promote the use of blood pressure testing at home.

We are aware that having your blood pressure taken in the GP practice can often impact on the reading i.e. it may be high. In order to improve this service for our patients, we are launching a Home Monitoring Blood Pressure Service.

In order to take part you will need to invest in a blood pressure meter.

To make this easier for patients we have a special arrangement with a local pharmacy. Patients will receive a special discount when buying a machine for home use.

You can obtain a discount card from the practice. This will entitle you to buy an Omron Blood Pressure Machine for £14.99. RRP is usually £19.99.

What Next:

Take your blood pressure machine home and read the instructions. Once you have got the hang of using it, we suggest that you initially take your blood pressure every week. We have included a log sheet which you can use if you wish to make a note of your readings each time. If your readings are good, you may want to take your blood pressure less often.

We DO NOT need to be informed of your blood pressure reading every time you take it. We ask that you submit a blood pressure reading to the practice at every 6-9 months.

In order to make this easier for our patients you can submit your reading online via our link on our website (Link to be Included)

We suggest that once a year you can book an appointment with our Health Care Assistant to have your machine checked against our calibrated machines at the practice to ensure you are getting accurate readings.

If your Blood Pressure is consistently high (for 3 readings or more) then the doctor recommends that you book a telephone consultation with our Practice Nurse to discuss further.

NB: A reading is considered high if your blood pressure is 140/90 or greater consistently. We recommend that if your blood pressure is 140/90 or greater for 3 readings over a 3 week period that you contact the practice and book a telephone appointment with our practice nurse.

If you are at all worried about your reading then you can call the surgery and book a telephone appointment to discuss with a clinician.

Systolic – Higher Number

Diastolic – Lower Number

Download patient log sheet to print

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